Safety is Essential to Operations and Success

As a provider of construction services, Lake Michigan Excavating is firmly committed to ensuring a safe, healthy, productive and efficient work environment for our employees, customers and subcontractors. We strive to provide a healthy and safe place of employment for all and abide by all regulations of our industry. As such, we maintain a full safety program to safeguard employees from accidents and to - at all times - maintain an effective and safe organization. Our ongoing safety program and continuous commitment is used to reinforce a safe work environment. We research the most pertinent safety information to share with our team.

You Have the Right to a Safe Workplace

Safety is everyone's responsibility. As an employer, it is our responsibility to provide a safe workplace. We pride ourselves on always providing a safe environment. We are a team, and as such, we are committed to being successful in a safe manner. We always comply with OSHA and MIOSHA safety and health regulations.

Protection on the Job

At Lake Michigan Excavating, we are always proactive about safety. All field employees comply with safety guidelines. Personal protective equipment such as hard hats, safety vests and eye protection are used. Trench boxes are always utilized during underground utility installation activities to prevent worker injury. Face and breathing protection is used to prevent exposure to harmful substances.

Safety Begins With Teamwork

Employees are our priority. Safety is our commitment. Workplace safety is a team effort. Effective teams understand safety goals and commit to achieving them. Weekly "toolbox talk" safety meetings are conducted to discuss new information, problems, and solutions. At Lake Michigan Excavating, safe behavior is always reinforced. All employees work together toward the same goals to achieve success and prevent injuries.

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